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Benchmarking Newspaper Production Efficiency - 2020

Benchmarking Newspaper Production Efficiency - 2020

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A total of 33 printing plants, representing 9 publishers, all of which are members of WAN-IFRA, are involved in this project. All the plants in the study are located in India. Data from the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 was collected. A few corrections were made to eliminate incoherent values. The plants together printed 5.3 billion copies, equivalent to 79.08 billion broad sheet pages of varying sizes, in a span of one year. Together they consumed 355,000 tons of newsprint.

This new WAN-IFRA project aims to help participating printing plants assess their manufacturing efficiency, compare their performance with other similar production sites, identify areas of improvement, take improvement actions and review the results.

At the end of this project, participants could:

  • Compare the efficiency of their operations in relation with other printing centres,
  • Compare performance between their own branches/printing centres and with other participating companies.
  • Find the right questions related to efficiency and consumption.
  • Address the bottle necks in the production process and initiate to work on the lacking KPI
  • Measure and monitor the performance
  • Stabilise and sustain the improvement.

Revise the benchmarking values and targets once in two year.


Below 14 key KPI's are benchmarked for the industry.


Key Performance

Unit of measure?

How KPI is measured?


Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Availability X Performance X Quality       


Capacity utilization: 


Actual output / Potential output


Newsprint waste %


Total newsprint waste / Newsprint consumption


Printed waste 


Printed waste / Newsprint Consumption




Downtime / Run time 


Rolls per break


No. of rolls used / No of web break


Ink Mileage

m2 / Kg

Good area Printed / Ink consumed in Tonnes


Inventory turnover


Inventory out (Consumption) / Inventory In (Procurred)


Direct variable consumables efficiency 

Rupees / Ton

DVM Cost in rupees / Paper delivered


Energy Efficiency

KwH / Ton

Energy consumed / Paper delivered


Renewable energy utilization:


Renewable energy / Total Energy


Newsprint Stock effectiveness:


Total newsprint consumed / Average. Paper stock


Manpower efficiency

Hours / Ton

Man hours / Paper delivered


Water efficiency

Litres / Ton 

Water consumed / Paper delivered




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2020-06-03 11:21

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