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Guidelines for the Acceptance of a Newspaper Press (3.16.4)

Guidelines for the Acceptance of a Newspaper Press (3.16.4)


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A rotary press is always a major investment item for a newspaper operation. That is why every effort must be made to ensure careful planning at all project stages in order to guarantee an optimum result. The specifying phase starts quite often up to 3–5 years in advance. The whole project will be concluded when the press is running with the acceptance test run to check that the performance of the press and the achieved quality are within the limits that have been agreed contractually between the press manufacturer and the printer. For many years IFRA has assisted its members in investment planning by offering its service in the outlining of specific press requirements, evaluating different press quotations, and acceptance testing of new press installations. The aim of this Special Report is to give guidelines how performance and quality acceptance tests are carried out. This report does not contain all details for every press, as all presses are different with regard to configurations. Further tests (e. g. for dryers, power-off behaviour, safety, ...) may be defined on an individual basis. The first version of this guideline was published in 1991 as IFRA Special Report 3.16. Updates besides this document were published in 1999 and 2003. Through this procedure this report is based on the practical experience of printers, press manufacturers and IFRA’s advisory services which has carried out and evaluated many acceptance tests in the past. The IFRA Technical Group Production approved the final version of this Special Report at its meeting in October 2007.

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