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ANF August 2019, India Special Edition

ANF August 2019, India Special Edition

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Summaries of articles published in ANF August 2019, India Special Edition

ANF August 2019, India Special Edition

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How Jagran Prakashan aced India's remarkable print game

India's leading publishing house, Jagran Prakashan Ltd., has enjoyed a rich history in print – and increasingly digital – since 1975. The brand publishes 12 print titles in five languages, across 15 states. According to IRS 2019, Dainik Jagran emerged as India's most read newspaper with more than 73 million readers.

In this interview, the group's director, Shailesh Gupta, tells us how the brand has managed to hold the top spot in Indian print media through the years, as well as its success on digital platforms, its plans for experimenting with subscription models and unconventional revenue sources.

Bot-journalism's baby steps in India

Across the globe, leading media organisations have been adopting bot-assisted journalism. While Bloomberg has been using its bot "Cyborg" to generate stories on financial results of companies, the Washington Post’s "Heliograf" has been assisting its journalists to produce stories during elections.

At Forbes, the main mandate of the bot "Bertie" is to help reporters with templates for news stories. In India too news reports by robots might not be too far.

WAN-IFRA report: State of newsrooms in South Asia

WAN-IFRA South Asia took up its first ever study on the 'State of Newsrooms across South Asia' early this year to bring out a comprehensive picture about the issues grappling the industry.

The study was done across South Asia and the respondents come from both print and digital newsrooms.

With print industry undergoing an overhaul, digital surging ahead and newsrooms struggling to cope with the change, it didn't come as a surprise that lack of editors, including multimedia editors, topped the list of pressing issues in newsrooms.

Publish Asia: Using data to drive editorial decisions

The multifaceted ability of data to not only make stories engaging and personalised but also credible, drove discussion at a session during WAN-IFRA's recent Publish Asia 2019 conference.

The discussion featured three speakers in charge of vastly different audiences, each facing unique problems that are becoming far more commonplace in today's changing media landscape.

A fresh flavor in International Color Quality 2020-2022 contest

The International Color Quality Club (ICQC) is the only worldwide printing quality competition for newspapers and magazine. Its goal is to improve the quality of reproduction and printing, increase competitiveness and, train and motivate employees in an organisation.

The competition has been held every two years since 1994. Newspapers that make the cut in the list of the world's best printers can draw on this distinction to impress demanding advertising customers.


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