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Journalists Killed in 2016

Journalists Killed in 2016

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Our organisation actively monitors the cases of media employees who pay the ultimate price in their efforts to bring us the news.

A way of honouring the courage and determination of men and women who lose their lives while reporting on conflicts, challenging governments or investigating corruption and crime, WAN-IFRA highlights the number of journalists who have been confirmed as killed in the line of duty or targeted because of their work. These figures are collated by the Committee to Protect Journalists and rely on a specific methodological approach, using terminology that helps in the analysis of each incident.

Killed in 2016:

Mohammad Nasir Mudasir, Melli Paigham Radio

     December 15, 2016, in Mohammed Agha District, Logar Province, Afghanistan

Soe Moe Tun , Daily Eleven

     December 13, 2016, in Monywa, Myanmar

Awab al-Zubiry

     November 18, 2016, in Taiz, Yemen

Mohsen Khazaei, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

     November 12, 2016, in Aleppo, Syria

Mahad Ali Mohamed , Codka Mudug Radio

     November 6, 2016, in Galkayo, Somalia

Naimatullah Zaheer, Ariana News

     November 4, 2016, in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Abdul Salam Kanaan, Al-Jisr TV

     October 31, 2016, in Zafraneh, Syria

Ali Risan, Al-Sumaria TV

     October 22, 2016, in Al-Shura, Nineveh Province, Iraq

Ahmet Haceroğlu, Türkmeneli TV

     October 21, 2016, in Kirkuk, Iraq

Jeroen Oerlemans , Freelance

     October 2, 2016, in Sirte, Libya

Abdiaziz Ali, Radio Shabelle

     September 27, 2016, in Mogadishu, Somalia

Taha Shawkat Al-Halou, Freelance

     August 27, 2016, in Daret Ezza, Aleppo province, Syria

Mustafa Said, Kurdistan TV

     August 14, 2016, in Mosul, Iraq

Shehzad Ahmed, Aaj News

     August 8, 2016, in Quetta, Pakistan

Mehmood Khan, DawnNews

     August 8, 2016, in Quetta, Pakistan

Mubarak al-Abadi, Nabaa Media Foundation

     August 5, 2016, in Al-Ghail, Al-Jawf Province, Yemen

Ahmad Hallak, Al-Buraq Media Institution

     August 2, 2016, in Aleppo, Syria

Mohammed Sayyed Hassan, All4Syria, Al-Nabaa Media Center

     August 1, 2016, in Atareb, Syria

João Miranda do Carmo, SAD Sem Censura

     July 24, 2016, in Santo Antônio do Descoberto, Brazil

Abdelqadir Fassouk, Arraed Satellite TV

     July 21, 2016, in Sirte, Libya

Pavel Sheremet, Ukrainska Pravda, Radio Vesti

     July 20, 2016, in Kiev, Ukraine

Sami Jawdat Rabah, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

     October 2015 - June 2016, in Deir al-Zour, Syria

Samer Mohammed Aboud, Free Deir al-Zour Radio, Development Interaction Network

     October 2015 - June 2016, in Deir al-Zour, Syria

Mustafa Abdul Hassa, Shaam News Network

     October 2015 - June 2016, in Deir al-Zour, Syria

Mohammed Eissa, Nateq Network

     October 2015 - June 2016, in Deir al-Zour, Syria

Abdullah Mohammad Ghannam, Shahba Press Agency

     July 14, 2016, in Kafr Hamra, Aleppo, Syria

Ali Mahmud, Al-Ghadeer TV

     July 13, 2016, in Qayyarah, Nineveh province, Iraq

Ibrahim Omar, Al Jazeera

     July 11, 2016, in Tarmanin, Idlib, Syria

Khaled Eissa , Freelance

     June 25, 2016, in Aleppo, Syria

Khaled al-Zintani , Freelance

     June 24, 2016, in Benghazi, Libya

Elidio Ramos Zárate, El Sur

     June 19, 2016, in Oaxaca, Mexico

Rohat Aktaş, Azadiya Welat

     January 30 to February 24, 2016, in Cizre, Turkey

David Gilkey, National Public Radio

     June 5, 2016, in Marjah district, Helmand province, Afghanistan

Zabihullah Tamanna, National Public Radio

     June 5, 2016, in Marjah district, Helmand province, Afghanistan

Osama Jumaa, Images Live

     June 5, 2016, in Aleppo, Syria

Sagal Salad Osman, Radio Mogadishu

     June 5, 2016, in Mogadishu, Somalia

Rajdev Ranjan, Hindustan

     May 13, 2016, in Siwan, Bihar, India

Zaher al-Shurqat, Aleppo Today

     April 12, 2016, in Gaziantep, Turkey

Mohammed Ghalib al-Majidi, Freelance

     March 21, 2016, in Taiz, Yemen

Majid Dirani, Freelance

     February 19, 2016, in Daraya, Syria

Ahmed al-Shaibani, Yaman News, Yemen TV

     February 16, 2016, in Taiz, Yemen

Karun Misra, Jansandesh Times

     February 13, 2016, in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

El-Hadj Mohamed Diallo , Guinée7, Afrik

     February 5, 2016, in Conakry, Guinea

Hashim al-Hamran, Al-Masirah TV

     January 22, 2016, in Dahyan, Saada Province, Yemen

Marcos Hernández Bautista , Noticias, Voz e Imagen de Oaxaca

     January 21, 2016, in Oaxaca, Mexico

Almigdad Mojalli, Freelance

     January 17, 2016, in Hamam Jarif, Yemen

Hassan al-Anbaki, Al-Sharqiya

     January 12, 2016, in Baquba, Diyala province, Iraq

Saif Talal, Al-Sharqiya

     January 12, 2016, in Baquba, Diyala province, Iraq


Source: CPJ

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