World Association of News Publishers

The world of the news media industry at your fingertips

The world of the news media industry at your fingertips

You can reach the news media industry worldwide through WAN-IFRA Insights! Here are your opportunities:

Research Reports

Our topic-oriented, in-depth reports provide an ideal opportunity to attach your prestigious brand to a prestigious platform through exclusive sponsorships. Most reports are followed by a webinar on the topic.

Special publication

The Technology Guide & Directory in September, heading into our IFRA World Publishing Expo/DCX Digital Content Expo 2019 (8-10 October in Berlin, Germany). Free copies of the magazine will be handed out to all visitors. Talk to us about creating sponsored content for your products in print.


Our segmented newsletters feature the most relevant content, both original WAN-IFRA content (case studies, research, Q&As, profiles) and industry news, for that respective audience. It offers a direct connection for your brand through exclusive sponsorships, as well as banner ads.

Newsletter: Sponsored Content

The content is written in collaboration with WAN-IFRA’s branded content team and highlighted in a prominent spot on the newsletters.

Sponsored Newsletters

We now offer our technology partners and service providers the opportunity to connect to a very targeted audience with sponsored newsletters.


WAN-IFRA schedules monthly webinars that are linked to our research reports and other burning topics in the industry. Each webinar is open to sponsorship and we welcome your suggestions for stand-alone webinars featuring your clients.

Website serves as a core platform to engage with our members and the industry on a daily basis. We share news, bestpractice, reports, our events activities, initiatives, your ideas, your contributions and more.

Mailing Service

Are you looking to expand your audience prior to World News Media Congress or are you planning your own event in the near future, or some other marketing campaign?

As a supplier to the news publishing industry, you can benefit from the international WAN-IFRA database to reach your targeted audience at WAN-IFRA exhibitions, workshops, events and your own seminars/events, and other services.

Contact information:

Contact information