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Print Innovation Awards 2018

Print Innovation Awards 2018


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When innovation is mentioned in the newspaper industry or in the news media industry, as it is today often called somewhat unspecifically, then digital innovation is almost always meant.

Be it the use of digital platforms or the application of new digital technologies to communicate with readers (or users) and advertisers, or even the development of new business models based on digital communication.

The printed newspaper, on the other hand, is hardly associated with innovation. After all, it is a technology that is more than 400 years old, of which apparently every expert knows everything and which obviously does not develop any further.

Appealing to all senses

In reality, it is precisely because print is a physical medium that it offers an undreamt-of number of innovative approaches. Print appeals to all five human senses. Printed paper can be modified in many ways. Folding, trimming, punching, die-cutting, gluing, coating, combining with other materials – all these are potential approaches for innovation and interaction with the user of the printed product.

The current rapid technical development of new mini-sensors and digital worlds, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), is expanding the range of potential print innovations almost daily. Some of the 2018 Print Innovation Award winning projects are proof of this. They are based on the combination of print and technologies that extend reality into digital dimensions.

Innovative product development is a source of previously unseen publications. Apparently, not all variations in the development of newspaper and magazine products have been exploited in the past centuries. Publications for new target groups, with new topics, new editorial orientation, new page design and new graphic design surprise readers and arouse the interest of new customer groups.

The Print Innovation Awards

WAN-IFRA's World Printers Forum Board decided to launch the Print Innovation Awards at the beginning of 2018 to showcase the range of newspaper and magazine innovations. The growing innovation potential of print was to be illustrated by real projects from all over the world.

54 projects from 19 countries were registered in Summer 2018. Registrations came from Austria, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

The members of the World Printers Forum Board acted as a jury and evaluated the submitted applications.

On 9 October 2018, the first evening of IFRA World Publishing Expo and Digital Content Expo, the successful projects of the Print Innovation Awards 2018 contest were presented and honoured on stage at the “Networking Night” in Berlin, Germany. Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes were awarded in the following categories:

■ Advertising Innovation
■ Product Innovation
■ New Products
■ Re-designed Products
■ Special Editions
■ Young Reader Products

In addition, the jury awarded two projects a Special Mention in the category "Business Innovations".

This report includes detailed information about all winning projects.

More about the awards

The Print Innovation Awards competition identifies the world’s most innovative print advertisements and products of newspaper and magazine publishers.

The competition is open to publishers of periodicals as well as advertisers and advertising agencies. Participation is confidential. WAN-IFRA will only publish the names of award winners.

The Print Innovation Award competition is organised on an annual basis.

What makes the Print Innovation Awards competition unique and why should you participate?

The Print Innovation Awards competition focuses exclusively on print innovation. There are many media awards, but the Print Innovation Awards have a clear print focus.

The Print Innovation Awards are a worldwide competition. There are many national or regional awards, but no other worldwide competition.

Participation in the Print Innovation Awards is simple, quick and affordable.

Successful projects will receive international recognition; they will be presented on stage, in print and at interna- tional events.

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