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Benchmarking Newspaper Production efficiency (KPI)

Benchmarking Newspaper Production efficiency (KPI)

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In 2016, WAN-IFRA did a benchmarking e-KPI ‘s for newspaper production, where a total of total of 31 printing plants across India had participated. In continuation of the previous benchmarking project, WAN-IFRA proposed an extension project “Benchmarking Newspaper Production KPI“.

 This benchmarking project will focus on 15 high prior newspaper production KPI‘s with newly added KPI‘s like Capacity utilization, OEE, Inventory, Renewable energy, Printed waste, Direct variable Consumables efficiency, Print finish and will help production plants to assess their own manufacturing efficiency and compare with other similar production setup and print sites. Existing participant will also get the opportunity to compare their previous benchmarking.


Bench marking data will be captured from 01st Apr 2018 to 31st Mar 2019 for financial year 2018-19.

15 KPI’s for Benchmarking Newspaper production: 

S.No Key Performance Indices Description Unit
1 Capacity utilization:  Actual output produced against potential output of PRESSES Numbers / Numbers (%)
2 Overall Equipment Effectiveness Efficiency of the equipment’s in terms availability, performance and Quality  %
3 Inventory turnover Worth of average inventory stocked against the actual consumption pattern %
4 Renewable energy utilization: % of consumption of renewable energy against non-renewable  KWH / KWH (%)
5 Energy Efficiency Energy utilized to produce to print and deliver 1 ton of goods to customer. kWh / Tonnes
6 Newsprint waste Total waste produced against total consumption of newsprint Tonnes / Tonnes (%)
7 Printed waste efficiency Printed waste contribution in the overall newsprint waste pie. Tonnes / Tonnes (%)
8 Ink Mileage What’s the total area could be produced by consuming 1kg of ink. m2 / kg
9 Direct variable consumables effciency  Cost efficiency of Direct variable consumables (cost of Plate, Blanket, ink, wash, fountain solution combined) to deliver 1 ton of printed newspaper to customer ₹ / Ton
10 Newsprint Stock effectiveness: Averaged newsprint stocked against average consumption. Tonnes / Tonnes (%)
11 Downtime Downtime against up time of the machineries. Hours / Hours (%)
12 Web break frequency Average web break frequency  Rolls / Break
13 Print finish & Delivery Average print finish time of Main edition Time
14 Manpower efficiency Man hours required to produce 1 ton of newspaper to customer. Hours / Tonnes
15 Water efficiency Total water consumed to deliver 1 ton of Newsprint or water used/plate consumption. Litres / m2


Project Timeline



Project proposal 05-Apr-2019
Last date for signing-up 15-May-2019
Last date for data submission 31-May-2019
Data Validation 20-June-2019
Data analysis 01-July-2019
Report 14-Aug-2019


Project Fee:


No. of printing plants

Fee per printing plant

1 Printing plant INR 80,000 I EUR 1000
3 or more plants INR 55,000 I EUR 700
5 or more plants INR 40,000 I EUR 500
* Add 18% GST tax over the fee.
** Above discounted fee is for second time participant and mem- bers only. First time participant fee of 20% (if applicable) and
non-member fee of 20% (if applicable) will be charged.












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