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Some online advertising exposes Internet users to security risks. This is driving up adoption of ad blocking by readers, and causing further grief for publishers, writes David Barton of PageFair in this guest post.


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2015-10-22 09:44

The issue of ad blocking is complex. Beyond annoyed users and publishers losing revenue, there are many stakeholders: the ad block tech providers, advertisers, online retailers, platforms (notably Facebook, Apple and Google) and anti- ad block tech providers. This is a one-stop overview of the Key Issues – threats as well as opportunities.


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Cecilia Campbell


2015-09-29 15:52

The threat of ad blocking offers publishers a unique opportunity to redefine how advertising works online. And publishers, not platforms, must take the lead. Today, WAN-IFRA and Digital Content Next are issuing a Call to Think for the industry in how to respond to this threat and make the most of the opportunity.


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Ben Shaw


2015-09-28 13:26

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