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Lenah Kedikaetswe, Botwsana’s Digital Pioneer

Lenah Kedikaetswe, Botwsana’s Digital Pioneer

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The world over is abuzz with all the technological advances, and one of the fastest phenomena is blogging. Amateurs, professional writers and laymen are catching on to this fever throughout the world. Botswana, through its enterprising youth, is also catching-up with the rest of the world.

When it comes to Botswana, the number of those who have taken to penning their thoughts on the Internet is still low. Young Botswanans are the exception. One of those is a young woman by the name Lenah Kedikaetswe. Lenah puts the expression “dynamite comes in small packages” to good use and is busy setting trends with an online magazine known as Prestine.

Prestine falls under Avant Garde holding company, established in 2010 by the versatile Lenah alongside two other partners - Ratang Motladiile and Maungo Baikipi.

The lifestyle magazine has been running for two years. Kedikaetswe is in charge of editorial content but also tackles other issues in the office, such as business development. “I write for the health section, edit articles and upload all content online,” she says. Her partners are responsible for handling other issues that arise in the office.

While other women have felt the wrath of gender inequality in the industry, she is yet to go through something like that. However, one of her toughest challenges is the fact that she is considered “young.”

“My age is a disadvantage to a certain degree because I am attempting to do something that is still new and people are yet to understand it, while others do not take me seriously,” she says. “But the fact that I am a woman does add to the challenge of potential clients and stakeholders taking me seriously in business,” she adds.

When it comes to dealing with challenges, Kedikaetswe relies on standing her ground, being professional and remaining business-minded in order to let people know that she means business.

One of the lessons that she has learned from the Women In News programme is the power to remain focused while reminding herself of the goals that she wants to achieve.

“The self-awareness that is evoked by all the skills development sessions proved that everyone has potential and that it is up to them to harness it,” she explains.

As for the next ten years, Kedikaetswe is dreaming that Avant Garde will be a respectable media house in Botswana and Southern Africa, with a number of titles. She proudly exclaims that she will be in charge of the publications with a very hands-on approach.

“I will be on a mission to advocate for media development in Africa, participating in programmes (including WIN) as part of my efforts to assist me to reach my goals,” she says.


Interview conducted by Phemelo Ramasu.




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