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WAN-IFRA is a global resource centre and international knowledge hub for news media to embrace transformation, drive innovation, maximise success, and share best practice.

WAN-IFRA connects members and creates collaborative platforms to rethink their business operations.


  1. Join WAN-IFRA’s professional network of members, learn from success and failures, share business strategy, link and connect ideas, weave with business peers and connect on emerging themes and insights, harvest ways to better perform, and speed up your decision-making.
  2. Participate in defining the world's press strategic agenda through active involvement in committees and decision-making bodies.
  3. Receive the latest industry news delivered via the WAN-IFRA Blogs, Newsletters, and the daily Executive News Service.
  4. Access Special reports and research results on relevant industry topics.
  5. Use your personal user account granting direct access to all information and research 24/7.
  6. Benefit from up to 5 memberships to WEF (World Editors Forum) included in the company membership, giving senior editors the opportunity to interact with their peers within an exclusive international forum.
  7. Benefit from discount of up to 50 % on consulting services and event participation.
  8. Benefit from discount of up to 30 % on advertising, sponsorship and exhibition space at the World Publishing Expo, international and regional WAN-IFRA events.
  9. Entry in the WAN-IFRA Directory included for technology and service suppliers.
  10. Ask our regional offices around the world for exclusive insights and connections with professionals around the world.



Members and their subsidiaries qualify for full membership benefits. All employees of member companies are entitled to membership login and access to all benefits, including free access to the online library download area. WAN-IFRA members are granted membership in the World Editors Forum, World Printers Forum and Global Alliance for Media Innovation membership.





Access to All Content

Technology Guide & Directory Standard Rate Free, full access
Digital Business Newsletter (Bi-Weekly) Available free for a limited period Free, full access
Leadership and Strategy Newsletter (Monthly) Available free for a limited period Free, full access
World Printers Newsletter (Bi-Weekly) Available free for a limited period Free, full access
World Editors Forum Newsletter (Bi-Weekly) Available free for a limited period Free, full access
10 business and technology Reports / year Standard Rate, 250€/Report Free, full access 
Executive News Service (Daily) Available free for a limited period Free, full access
World Press Trends Database

Standard Rate, 2,000 €

Special Rate for academlic institutions

Free, full access


Events and Knowledge Sharing

All Worldwide Events Standard Rate Up to 50% on standard rate
Report Highlights Webinars & Deep Dive Webinars Available free for a limited period Free, full access
WAN-IFRA Events Presentations Restricted to events participants  attended More than 400 reports per year on request to


Advisory, Professional Development

Consulting Services Not available Up to 50% on standard rate
Executive Programmes Not available Preferential rate
Get personalised introductions to members and business partners Not available Only for members
Participation in Steering Committees and Working Groups Not available Only for members
Support and Coordination to R&I Programmes Not available Only for members


Our Marketing Platforms

Sponsorship and exhibitions Standard Rate Preferential rate
WAN-IFRA endorsement Not available Yes


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