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ANF Jan/Feb 2016

ANF Jan/Feb 2016

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Summaries of main articles published in ANF JAN/FEB 2016. Click on headlines to read articles in ePaper edition.


Fly-by-night aggregators pose a big problem

Interview with MV Shreyamskumar, Director of Marketing & Electronic Media, The Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing

Q. Please tell us about the strategies being crafted around the digital platform in media companies in India. What is Mathrubhumi doing differently, compared to, say 2005?

A. The basic priority for those going digital is to build user time-spend on the website. We need to provide the user opportunities to spend time on both a single article and others on the site, be it related stories, in the same genre, or entirely different. For instance, while a reader is going through a serious article, we could show him an entertainment piece. The aim is to sustain reader interest in the content repository as long as possible...


Digitally, India has arrived

By Saurav Sen, Digital Media Consultant

When Mark Zuckerberg held his town hall meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Facebook campus in Menlo Park, California, on 27 September last year, it was a statement of India having arrived – walking the red carpet in the digital world...


DMI 16: The convergence of media minds in Delhi

Discover the full programme of India's leading digital event for the news publishing industry


The emerging threat of ad blockers

Despite increasingly diversified revenue streams, advertising remains the primary supporter of the majority of websites run by news organisations around the world. In an effort to be more relevant, accountable and competitive, ads served on the desktop web have become bloated, slow to load, resource intense and packed with tracking software.


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