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ANF Mar/Apr 2016

ANF Mar/Apr 2016

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Summaries of main articles published in ANF MARCH/APRIL 2016. (Links to the full articles in ePaper edition are currently unavailable. They will be restored soon).

Cover story

Unity Makes Strength

Established in October 2013, Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG) was formed through the merger of Shanghai’s two main newspaper groups in a bid to accelerate media reform and develop multimedia platforms to drive growth. Two years down the road, SUMG’s Chairman and President, Qiu Xin, openly discusses the transformations that have been achieved so far and the challenges that remain ahead.

Business news

Digital services: a new revenue source for news publishers?

For centuries, the business model of general-interest newspapers and other mass media was based largely on aggregating audiences and then selling those audiences to advertisers. With the eve of the World Wide Web, businesses have been tempted to cut out the middleman and market themselves directly. Many media companies are trying to convert this threat into an opportunity…


Using Whatsapp to keep journalists safe

At least 71 media professionals were killed on the job in 2015. High-profile cases usually do get a lot of media attention, but the vast majority of killings involve local journalists andremain unreported. A group of Pakistani editors found a unique way to keep journalists safe by using media attention. Zaffar Abbas, Editor of Dawn newspaper, tells us more.


Four keys to leadership in times of change

Life-saving changes in a disrupted organization can only be accomplished through an effective mix of people skills and good strategies. Good strategies are almost always doomed to indifferent outcomes or outright failure if they aren’t nurtured through effective leadership tactics. In my 40 years of managing, I’ve come to believe in a set of key approaches for mobilizing people around necessary change and getting things done. I’ll share some of them here. By Steve Gray


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