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A new “TECHKON SpectroDens Premium” measuring instrument

A new “TECHKON SpectroDens Premium” measuring instrument

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WAN-IFRA received a loan unit of “SpectroDens Premium” from TECHKON, we thank Techkon for offering this new generation spectrophotometer to utilise in our technical activities of the WAN-IFRA “Research & Material Testing Centre” in Chennai, India.

The SpectroDens Premium is a modern measurement device that can be used in pre-press and printing. It’s handy with integrated wheels at the bottom of the device to measure a series of patches and test form elements in a row. It measures pre-printed proofs for ongoing quality control at the printing press, and in laboratory tests. It combines a spectrophotometer and a densitometer in a single device.

The device works according to in-built standards valid for the graphic industry. It works in evaluating colour and density because it toggles automatically between colorimetric measurement without polarisation filter and density measurement with filter at the push of a button.

TECHKON SpectroDens premium is capable of several core parameters needed for the print and newspaper industry with options to measure density, CIELAB, dot gain, and dot gain curves, trapping, slur and doubling as well as opacity. It also has feature like ISO and DIN setup, which are useful in the production workflow to standardise the quality systems. It offers a “pass or fail tolerance” option, which is handy to evaluate a test for any single measurements. Additionally, it has two aperture sizes of 1.5 and 3 mm to choose between any of them as per the size of the bullet and patch you use in daily production.

The software “SpectroConnect” connects the SpectroDens with a PC via the micro-USB connector for smooth data transfer that can be captured directly into Excel files. This software has settings to export the data into an Excel sheet in different ways of arrangement, so that data can be analysed to achieve the objective of a typical QC setup.

The new SpectroDens Premium device complements the test and measurement devices that are used in the WAN-IFRA “Research & Material Testing Centre” in Chennai, India. This centre is used to test  materials, like ink and paper and their interaction. In addition print quality control tests & ISO 12647-3 and other ISO standard implementations, Denstiotmetry trainings are part of the services of the RMTC. The service of the WAN-IFRA Research & Material Testing Centre is available for all WAN-IFRA member organisations.

For more information please contact WAN-IFRA Research Engineer Prabhu Natrajan, phone +91-8792178292, e-mail:, or visit the website: Research & Material Testing Centre


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