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Densitometry and Colorimetry Workshops

Densitometry and Colorimetry Workshops

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The "Densitometry & Colorometry" training come workshop aims to provide knowledge and understanding of Densitometry and Quality control for print production. It has a combination of theoretical explanation and hands on training on various settings and handling of the instruments. Densitometry consists of of Density, Dot gain, Trap, Print contrast, Hue error and grayness – Formulas and theory. Hands on workshop has the practical approach to use Spectrodensitometers for density measurements: Settings and standards in the right way. Also, extracting data using MS excel.

Training will focus on the following segment of theoritical and hands on workshop to train the employees for effective use of the tools & instruments like Spectro photometer and use of spreadsheets to calculate process control. This includes ideal setting & handling of densito-meter and Spectro-photo meter. This could be two day or one day long workshop as in-house at your print locations or even as public training at specific locations.


Color Measurements:

• Introduction to L*a*b* color space
• Using Spectrophotometer/Densitometer for colour measurements: Settings and standards
• Delta E1976 calculation
• How to plot and analyse the 2-d color gamut of your press

Measurement and Analysis of IFRA cuboid
• On the spot evaluation of IFRA cuboid
• Discussion of the report
• Multiple measurements by the participants and clearing of doubts

• Demonstration: Techkon RMS 910

General print quality
• How to evaluate your general print quality?
• What are the common printing defects to look for?
• Live evaluation of printed copies and team exercises for all the participants



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