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MWM and Pressgrannar extend collaboration

MWM and Pressgrannar extend collaboration

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02.12.2019 – MWM is to continue the successful collaboration with Pressgrannar – whose four printing plants in central Sweden produce 13 daily newspapers and also a great external production of printing material – by supplying the printing company with pre-calculation and post-calculation printing plant tools.

This latest deal follows on a from a previous agreement in which MWM supplied Pressgrannar with printing modules within the MWM Print 365 system.

Peter Ihre, CEO of Pressgrannar, says the new tools will provide a welcome upgrade to the company’s system.

“Our present system for pre- and postcalculation is outdated and limited”, Peter Ihre says. “We need better tools and better opportunities to follow up the financial aspect of our production. And now we can do that, as we have a system adjusted to our needs.”

“We have a long and successful relationship with MWM that has supplied different systems that support our business. MWM is a competent and skilled supplier of systems for the industry and also skilled in implementing the projects with our staff", says Peter Ihre, CEO Pressgrannar.

The pre-calculation solution is an information management tool that enables Pressgrannar to calculate the printing costs efficiently and consistently before the production process. The post-calculation module analyses data from the actual production. Post-calculation serves as a basis for invoicing by providing the use of print plates, colour and the final number of newspaper copies. It thereby acts as a budgetary tool for the accounting system as well as a planning system for prognosis, helping to create profit in the longrun.

Tony Svensson, CEO of MWM Group looks forward to the increased collaboration with Pressgrannar. He says:

”Effective workflow management within printing plants through pre-calculation and post-calculation results in a more effective production as it reduces costs.”

“It is a necessity for companies today to better calculate the costs of staff, paper, colour, press plates and time required in the presses. Pre-calculation gives accuracy and details about the expected costs. The results of the actual production process can only be measured when a comparison is available, this is the advantage of the pre-calculation tool.”

About MWM

MWM Group supplies IT-solutions and support for the publishing and printing industry. MWM is Microsoft software certified. The company has its own industry leading solutions that keep 200 media customers on five continents at the leading edge of systems support.

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