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All-round service for customers worldwide: Mosca looks back at two successful years of One Service

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All-round service for customers worldwide: Mosca looks back at two successful years of One Service

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Customers benefit from scheduled maintenance cycles and comprehensive support from Mosca experts

Waldbrunn, Germany, 15 January 2020 – Two years ago, Mosca introduced a service concept that is unique in the industry. Under the name One Service, the strapping machine specialists offer customers globally standardized maintenance, repairs, installations and support for machine relocations. Mosca has now drawn some initial conclusions about One Service’s effectiveness. In Germany, where over 2,000 machines are covered by maintenance contracts, there were hardly any ad-hoc troubleshooting calls. One Service also ensures easier planning and more reliability at the end of the packaging line.

Servicing machines regularly, Mosca technicians document the machine’s condition based on specifications and checklists. The One service concept thus guarantees transparency and consistency.

"In an era of digitalization and Industry 4.0, the demands on our customers' production processes – and on our machines – are rapidly changing. This makes it all the more important for us to make sure our services are in line with customer needs and continue setting industry standards," explains Mosca CEO Timo Mosca. That is why Mosca introduced its worldwide ONE Service concept two years ago.

Maintenance contracts for customers around the world
ONE Service fundamentally changed Mosca's approach to providing services. One of the key elements of the concept is the availability of customer-specific maintenance contracts around the world. This sets Mosca apart from other strapping industry manufacturers. "The standard used to be that customers call for service when there's a machine failure. These kinds of situations need to be resolved immediately – which can be very stressful for the technicians as well as for customers, who can't afford downtime on their lines," says Michael Raule, Head of Technical Service at Mosca.

Today, when Mosca service technicians visit customers, there is rarely any pressure or stress. More than 2,000 machines are covered by Mosca maintenance contracts and are checked once or twice a year in line with ONE Service benchmarks. "We are now working worldwide with standardized maintenance plans and checklists. This way, we know exactly when and where each machine needs to be checked and which parts are required – and are able to routinely detect signs of wear and prevent potential damage," explains Mosca Service Technician Andreas Bulling.

Easier planning and more transparency for Mosca customers
For Mosca customers, ONE Service means easier planning, more reliability and more transparency. "Customers that have a maintenance contract with Mosca know about maintenance procedures from the start. We remind them when maintenance is due and send them maintenance kits before the scheduled appointment," Michael Raule explains. This makes service calls quick and easy. Mosca technicians appreciate the regular contact with customers. "ONE Service changes the way we work together and promotes more direct communication," says Andreas Bulling. "We can give our customers more in-depth support, help them set up their machines, and listen to their feedback – which benefits both sides!"

Breakdowns are rare
Thanks to regularly scheduled service appointments, strapping machines operating in Mosca customer packaging lines are reliable and stable. And if something goes wrong, Mosca technical services are available around the clock. "In addition to our maintenance technicians, we have field-service technicians on duty. These specialists are never far away from the customer and can be on-site within 3.5 hours in an emergency," says Michael Raule. The technicians go on the road with a standardized set of parts and are optimally equipped to solve problems on the spot – and ensure Mosca machines deliver maximum performance at all times.

"In many cases, our experts don't even need to go out on the road," Raule adds. Mosca has also expanded its remote support as part of the ONE Service concept. Service technicians can start troubleshooting via remote control. "We can generally handle acute malfunctions via remote maintenance. This saves time and resources for us and for the customer."

Regular training and professional workshops – also for customers
Mosca management believes that sharing the latest knowledge and service expertise is an important part of maintaining the highest standards. This is why ONE Service not only ensures that Mosca technicians are qualified, it also focuses on customer training.

Mosca employees receive regular training and are invited to share their experience at technician meetings. Customers can request Mosca training on-site or send their employees to Mosca training centers in Waldbrunn and Hanover. This is where they learn about optimal, resource-saving operation of Mosca machines. The company also offers professional workshops for customers who are already familiar with basic machine operating procedures. These workshops focus on further optimizing use of the machines, for example, in Industry 4.0 applications.

Important building block for the future
The ONE Service package also includes services related to machine installation and relocation. This is how the overall concept supports customers in mastering future challenges at the end of the packaging line. Andreas Bulling and the Mosca team of technicians play a key role in further developing the ONE Service approach: "ONE Service is a flexible system. Those of us who put it into action every day keep it going with new ideas to make it even better."

About Mosca GmbH
Mosca GmbH is a system supplier, developer and producer of high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials and safety systems for transporting goods for professional and industrial use. The machine portfolio ranges from universal devices with a wide range of applications, to fully automated high-performance machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automation line. Mosca produces strapping material out of PP, PET and PLA in one of the most modern sites in Europe. Mosca’s international distribution, service and consulting network enables global service for customers. The family company was founded in 1966 and is based in Waldbrunn between Heidelberg and Heilbronn, Germany. Mosca is present in 16 countries with 18 offices and six production sites in Germany, Malaysia, Canada and USA. It employs 1000 employees. With continuous new developments, the strapping experts have maintained quality and technology leadership in the strapping sector for more than 50 years. Further information can be found at



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