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Record-breaking ink density measurement

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Record-breaking ink density measurement

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The 5,000th InlineDensity Control camera has been installed

19.05.2020 – Waste will soon be a thing of the past in the commercial printing world, because the measuring systems from manroland Goss and grapho metronic are becoming ever more prevalent. Within the scope of a comprehensive retrofit of a Lithoman press at Weiss Druck, manroland Goss together with grapho metronic, the market leading subsidiary responsible for measuring and control technology, have installed the 5,000th inline ink density measuring camera on a printing press. A world record for a record-breaking product.

Down with waste: the 5,000th InlineDensity control ink density measuring camera has been installed on a Lithoman at Weiss Druck.

InlineDensity Control from manroland Goss/grapho metronic has already been the natural enemy of waste for many years and has set standards worldwide for excellent print quality. The system ensures fully automated, highly precise, standard-conforming ink density measurement, which improves the quality of the printed product immensely.

Since the introduction of the product in the After-Market sector in 2015, 50 webs have been retrofitted which shows that the benefits of this technology have been recognised by customers worldwide, and they have simplified and improved their own production. And it is not only manroland Goss customers who are comple-menting existing presses with control technology; presses from competitors have also been equipped with InlineDensity systems and other control systems with great success, both on older and newer presses.

When it comes to Weiss Druck, we can claim that a renowned and long-term partner of manroland Goss has decided for retrofitting with ink density measurement in order to improve quality, reduce waste and thereby provide their customers with even more efficient and profitable production.




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2020-05-20 11:54

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