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Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics

Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics


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This unique cross-industry collaborative project brings together over 30 organisations from every part of the supply chain and from different printing processes and paper users. Their expertise starts at the paper mill, and continues through transport, storage, handling and printing.

Paper is handled 10-20 times and from when it leaves the paper mill to when it is put on to the press and every manipulation of rolls and pallets carries a risk of accidents and damage. Paper is a demanding cargo with a high economic unit value, requiring specialised techniques, tools and facilities for handling, logistics, storage and preparation for printing. Substrates are also the highest single cost for all printing and packaging applications — any reduction in their waste and damage improves both economic and environmental performance.

Modular structure

The heavily illustrated guide features an easy-to-read text to better understand how best practices are a tool to improve performance and trouble-shooting for everyone — whether they are supervisors, operating staff, suppliers or supply chain managers. The 270-page guide is structured in 11 modules:

1: Paper & Cores - Wrapping & Pallets
2: Inspect, Report, Evaluate & Repair
3: Warehouse and Paper Store
4: Paper Handling Equipment
5: Roll and Pallet Handling
6: Transport — Securing & Lashing
7: Road Transport
8: Rail Transport
9: Transport . . . Containers
10: Transport . . . Maritime Shipping
11: At the Printer . . . Paper onto Press 

FREE e-book

The 270-page book has a cover price of 250€ / $280 but is available as a free e-book because the participating organisations believe that price should not be a barrier to access best practices. To obtain the guide requires only a simple registration on

For more information please contact one of the project team leader: Ingi Olaffson

Team: Ingo Olafsson
Cooperating Institutes:
‘Optimized Paper Handling & Logistics’ is a collaborative project made possible by the participation of: ABP • Axel Springer • Bolzano-Auramo • Cascade • Dalim • Earthpac Oy • ERA • FMS • Goss • Holmen • Kasturi & Sons (The Hindu) • icmPrint • Idealliance • IF P&C • INTAKT • Intergraf • KBA • Malayala Manorama • Mondi • NOPA • Paperdam • Sappi • SCA • Sonoco-Alcore • SpanSet • Stora Enso • tesa • ‘Times of India’ • TRANSWAGGON • UPM • WAN-IFRA


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