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70 Media Employees Killed In 2013

70 Media Employees Killed In 2013

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Since 1998, our organisation has actively monitored the cases of media employees who pay the ultimate price in their efforts to bring us the news.


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A way of honouring the courage and determination of men and women who lose their lives while reporting on conflicts, challenging governments or investigating corruption and crime, WAN-IFRA’s figures include all media workers killed in the line of duty or targeted because of their work. They also include cases where the motive is unsure or where official investigations have not been completed.

Journalists killed in 2013


Jamal Abdul-Nasser Sami, Salaheddin TV

     December 26, 2013, Tikrit, Iraq

Raad Yassin Al-Baddi, Salaheddin TV

     December 23, 2013, Tikrit, Iraq

Wassan Al-Azzawi, Salaheddin TV

     December 23, 2013, Tikrit, Iraq

Molhem Barakat, Freelance

     December 20, 2013, Aleppo, Syria

Nawras al-Nuaimi, Al-Mosuliya TV

     December 15, 2013, Mosul, Iraq

Sai Reddy, Deshbandhu

     December 6, 2013, Bijapur District, India

Kawa Garmyane, Rayel, Awene

    December 5, 2013, Kalar, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Yasser Faisal al-Jumaili, Freelance

     December 4, 2013,  Idlib, Syria

Joas Dignos, DXGT Radio

     November 29, 2013, Valencia City, Philippines

Wadih Sa'ad al-Hamdani, Baghdad TV

     November 27, 2013, Basra, Iraq

Mohamed Yamen Naddaf, Shahba Press

     November 24, 2013, Aleppo, Syria

Alaa Edward Butros, Freelance

     November 24, 2013, Mosul, Iraq

Mohamed Ahmed Taysir Bellou, Shahba Press

     November 19, 2013, Aleppo, Syria

Saleh Ayyad Hafyana, Fassato News Agency

     November 18, 2013, Tripoli, Libya

Ghislain Dupont, Radio France Internatioale

    November 2, 2013, Kidal, Mali

ClaudeVerlon, Radio France Internationale

     November 2 2013, Kidal, Mali

Mohammed Saeed, Al-Arabiya

     October 29, 2013, Aleppo, Syria

Mohamed Mohamud, Universal TV

     October 26, 2013, Mogadishu, Somalia

Bashar al-Nuaimi, Al-Mosuliya TV

     October 24, 2013, Mosul, Iraq

Ayub Khattak, Journalist, Karak Times

     October 11, 2013, Karak, Pakistan

Mohammed Ghanem, Al-Sharqiyah

     October 5, 2013, Mosul, Iraq

Mohammed Karim al-Badrani, Al-Sharqiyah

     October 5, 2013, Mosul, Iraq

Nour al-Din Al-Hafiri, Freelance

     September 29, 2013, Al-Bahariyah, Syria

Édison Alberto Molina, Puerto Berrío Stereo,

     September 11, 2013, Puerto Berrío, Colombia

Rajesh Verma, IBN 7

     September 7, 2013, Muzaffarnagar, India

Fernando Solijon, DxLS Love Radio

     August 29, 2013, Iligan City, Philippines

Tamer Abdel Raouf, Al-Ahram

     August 19, 2013, Damanhur, Egypt

Shahir al-Muaddamani, Local Council of Daraya City Media Office

     August 16, 2013, Daraya, Syria

Mosaab al-Shami, Rassd News Network

     August 14, 2013, Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed Abdel Gawad, Al-Akhbar, Misr25

     August 14, 2013, Cairo, Egypt

Mick Deane, Sky News

     August 14, 2013, Cairo, Egypt

Muhammed Tariq Jadua, Jisr Al-Shaghur Multimedia Network

     July 27, 2013, Jisr Al-Shaghur, Syria

Alberto López Bello, El Imparcial and Radiorama

     July 17, 2013, Oaxaca City, Mexico

Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev, Novoye Delo

     July 9, 2013, Semender, Russia

Ahmed Assem el-Senousy, Freedom and Justice

     July 8, 2013, Cairo, Egypt

Fidaa al-Baali, Orient News

     July 5, 2013, Damascus, Syria

Salah al-Din Hassan, Shaab Masr

     June 29, 2013, Port Said, Egypt

Yara Abbas, Al-Ikhbariya

     May 27, 2013, Al-Qusayr, Syria

Mohamed Ibrahim Raage, Radio Mogadishu, Somali National Television

     April 21, 2013, Mogadishu, Somalia

Aslam Durrani, Daily Pakistan

     April 16, 2013, Peshawar, Pakistan

Walgney Assis Carvalho, Freelance

     April 14, 2013, Coronel Fabriciano, Brazil

Mikhail Beketov, Khimkinskaya Pravda

     April 8, 2013, Khimki, Russia

Abdul Raheem Kour Hassan, Watan FM

     Unknown, Damascus, Syria

Amer Diab, Freelance

     March 29, 2013, Damascus, Syria

Mahmoud Natouf, Sana al-Thawra, Moadamyat Al-Sham Media Center

     March 14, 2013, Damascus, Syria

Ghaith Abd al-Jawad, Qaboun Media Center

     March 10, 2013, Damascus, Syria

Amr Badir al-Deen Junaid, Qaboun Media Center

     March 10, 2013, Damascus, Syria

Rodrigo Neto, Rádio Vanguarda and Vale do Aço

     March 8, 2013, Ipatinga, Brazil

Walid Jamil Amira, Jobar Media Center

     March 3, 2013, Damascus, Syria

Jaime Guadalupe Gónzalez Domínguez, Ojinaga Noticias

     March 3, 2013, Ojinaga, Mexico

Olivier Voisin, Freelance

     February 24, 2013, Antakya, Turkey

Mafaldo Bezerra Goes, FM Rio Jaguaribe

     February 22, 2013, Jaguaribe, Brazil

Mohamed Saeed al-Hamwi, Qaboun Media Center

     February 17, 2013, Syria

Youssef Adel Bakri (Youssef Abu Jad), Halab News Network

     February 15, 2013, Aleppo, Syria

Ahmed Rajib Haider, Freelance

     February 15, 2013, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Loay al-Nimir, Freelance

     January 31, 2013, Arbin, Syria

Issam Obeid, Freelance

     January 31, 2013, Arbin, Syria

Abdel Karim Nazir Ismail, Freelance

     January 31, 2013, Arbin, Syria

Mohamed al-Mesalma, Al-Jazeera

     January 18, 2013, Daraa, Syria

Abdihared Osman Aden, Shabelle Media Network

     January 18, 2013, Mogadishu, Somalia

Yves Debay, Assault

     January 17, 2013, Aleppo, Syria

Bassem Fawaz al-Zabi, Freelance

     January 13, 2013, Daraa, Syria

Mirza Iqbal Hussain, News Network International

     January 10, 2013, Quetta, Pakistan

Saif ur Rehman, Samaa TV

     January 10, 2013, Quetta, Pakistan

Imran Shaikh, Samaa TV

     January 10, 2013, Quetta, Pakistan

Suhail Mahmoud al-Ali, Dunya TV

     January 4, 2013, Damascus, Syria

Sources: CPJ, RSF


Rodrigo Bonilla's picture

Rodrigo Bonilla


2013-01-30 18:35

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The tale is grim, the victims often the unwitting authors of their own demise. In a twist of bitter irony the story, the lifeblood of any journalist, is often what kills them.


Andrew Heslop's picture

Andrew Heslop


2013-01-24 17:20

On Monday, April 23rd, at 11:30 pm, yet another journalist was murdered in Brazil. Décio Sá was shot six times in a bar in the city of São Luís, capital of the northern state of Maranhão. The 42 year-old and was a reporter for the newspaper O Estado do Maranhão. Décio was the fourth news professional murdered in the country in 2012.


Andrew Heslop's picture

Andrew Heslop


2012-05-18 17:22

Media employees worldwide face physical violence and persecution of all kinds, whether from public officials, criminals or terrorists. Assaults are daily - and often deadly - for those who challenge governments, report on conflicts or investigate corruption and crime. Read more ...